Wish to Perform during the Festival?
all artists performing during the festival will automatically receive funding to advance their careers.
Interested in attending the Festival? signup for updates now and you could win $1,000 in cash.
The festival Marketplace will feature 150 local exhibitors to showcase and sell their products during the festival.

E Komo Mai - Welcome to Eia Hawaiʻi Festival

Are you ready for two whole days of family-friendly fun, frolics and festivities? The Eia Hawaii Festival is just what you’ve been waiting for, created to celebrate Hawaiian history, culture and tradition and reminding visitors of the amazing landmarks, talent and acts that reside in our stunning state.

Leave all your preconceptions and stereotyped images at the door – the Eia Hawaii Festival will give you a unique and interesting insight into what our state is really all about, looking at lessons learnt through history and how we can shape our future.

Our unique, immersive non-profit festival aims to raise over $1M for the Eia Hawaii Fund. This money will be put to good use, investing in local education, arts and culture, heritage and environmental protection, with the intention of creating a brighter future for the next generation.

So, join us in Honolulu in the Summer of 2020 for an experience you will never forget!

An experience like no other, the festival makes use of the latest technology to bring you a fascinating learning experience through the use of digital, interactive, augmented and virtual reality.

These mediums will allow you to explore Hawaiian history and culture in a way you would never expect! The stories will come to life before your eyes, allowing you to interact with the scenes, enriching your understanding of the Hawaiian culture.

These experiences have been tailored for use by both adults and children.



Signup for updates and you could win $1,000

Interested by the festival? signup to receive updates and enter our $1,000 cash prize contest. No purchase required.


Instead of imposing an artists lineup, we came up with a much better idea. The public will chose who is to perform on stage alongside some of the biggest names in Hawaii’s music scene.


So, how do we do it? over 100 artists are to be chosen by the public prior to the festival. So whether you are an amateur or experienced artist, if you wish to perform, sign up now. It’s free, no obligation, and if chosen by the public to perform you will automatically receive funding to advance your career.


If you are a HI resident or from Hawaii, and wish to perform in front of thousands of people, then look no further. We are looking for bands, singers, dancers and dance groups to perform. The public will vote for their best acts and those with the highest score will be chosen to perform. We are the first festival to put the public in charge of casting, because at the end, they know what they like better than us.


Increase your visibility

Marketing campaign featuring all contestants

Perform in front of thousands of people

Share the stage with some of Hawaii’s hottest acts.

Receive funding to advance your career.


1. Register.

2. Fill out the pack you will receive by email.

3. Your profile will be added to the festival site.

4. Encourage your friends to vote.

5. Wait for the results.

This is more than an amazing opportunity to perform in front of thousands of people. It’s also an opportunity to receive funding to advance your career, no strings attached. As part of our Culture and Arts initiative, this is what we do: we provide grants to local artists.K.L. Davies, President of Eia Hawaii Fund.
Signup for updates and enter our
$1,000 cash prize contest.
No purchase required.


One key part of the festival will be a Made in Hawai‘i only products Marketplace.

With over 150 exhibitors to browse, this area of the festival is ideal for a spot of retail therapy and discover amazing crafts and products.

Exhibitors will be fully integrated within the festival team, benefiting from the same POS / RFID system, allowing for cashless transactions and peace of mind.


Pre-Registration is free, no obligation.


By registering your interest, you automatically lock yourself a spot, without legally committing to participating.

Limited number of exhibitors during the festival so don’t wait.


Are you selling Made in Hawaii products? Either as a business or craftsmen/women? Then come and join us and have you own booth at the festival as an exhibitor. While being fully integrated within the festival team, we don’t take a commission on your sales. Whatever money you make is yours to keep.

Enquire now, you don’t have to commit or pay anything.


Fully integrated within the festival POS system.

Have your products also listed on our online marketplace 6 months prior to the festival.

Showcase your crafts and products to over 30,000 people.

Have your business included in all festival marketing campaign.

Receive funding to advance your career.


1. Enquire / Register your interest

2. Fill out the pack you will receive by email.

3. Confirm your participation by September 2019.

4. Advertise your products for free on our online marketplace and generate sales.

5. Get ready to be busy in July 2020 at the festival.

Our work supporting and empowering our communities, also includes supporting local businesses, craftsmen and women. By featuring crafts and products only made in Hawaii, we aim to increase vendors’ visibility and turnovers. The math is simple, supporting local businesses, positively impacts our communities.  K.L. Davies, President of Eia Hawaii Fund.