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Compared to other sponsored events in Hawaii in the past, the Eia Hawaii Festival is a one-of-a-kind event – completely unique in terms of scale, quality and diversity of activities available to the public.


Right here is where you’ll find everything to stay in the know as the 2020 Eia Hawaii Festival closes in:

Festival Guide Eia Hawai'i Festival


The festival shall be held on July 11 and 12, 2020 – from 12 pm to 11 pm at the Kapiolani Regional Park (subject to change).

Don’t miss out on the ticket pre-sale (available to Hawaii state residents only).

A list of prohibited items will be announced in April 2020.


In order to better optimize the overall festival experience for our visitors and improve security, we will be providing wristbands which will act as a “cashless” payment device. Visitors can pre-charge their wristbands using their chosen bank’s debit/credit card, before or during the festival. Top up stations will be strategically placed throughout the festival for easy card payments.

From thereon, all you need to do is use the digital currency loaded into your wristband when you wish to make payments. Any digital funds left over in your wristband after the festival is over will be automatically refunded to your bank account.

Festival Guide Eia Hawai'i Festival


Our 2020 Eia Hawaii Festival wouldn’t truly be a festival if it didn’t showcase the state’s culinary art front and center. A large and diverse variety of good and beverage booths will be on display throughout the site – giving festival goers a chance to experience real local food at its best. The menu has been created by a local chef and all items will be prepared using local products and ingredients only.

This is where you get to taste the “real” flavours and ingredients of Hawaii.


The easy-to-use festival mobile app is all you’ll need to stay in touch with the fun and excitement that’s about to come your way in summer 2020.

The app will go live in April 2020 – not only providing you with extensive info on the festival, performers, vendors and things to do – but also serving as a digital wristband platform, allowing attendees to recharge their wristband for the upcoming event and also monitor spending during the festival. The festival calendar within the app lets you create alerts to make sure that you don’t miss the bands and artists you can’t wait to see.

Festival Guide Eia Hawai'i Festival
Festival Guide Eia Hawai'i Festival

festival security

To us, festival security is paramount. We have put a large-scale security detail in place, partnering with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure that visitors feel 100% safe and secure throughout the 2-day festival.

The festival is a gated event with thick and robust fenced boundaries, metal detectors at the sole entry/exit point, extensive bag and carry-on inspections, as well as security personnel patrolling the perimeter throughout the duration of the event. We’ve also gone to great lengths to provide basic security training to all our festival staff as well.

Bookmark this page because as April 2020 closes in, we’ll be posting a list of prohibited/barred items – make sure you have read the list.


Being a family event, the 2020 Eia Hawaii Festival will have a secure and dedicated area for families where they can let their young ones loose in a soft play area – away from the crowd – with plenty of toys and keiki activities to keep them occupied.

A dedicated, comfortable and completely private baby area will also be available with diaper changing tables and a private breastfeeding booth for new mothers


Throughout the festival grounds, there will be adequate lockers for safekeeping, smartphone charging docks and a wristband top-up station. Should you have any questions at all, the Festive Guest Info teams will be on hand to guide you.

There will also be plenty of water stations to refill your water bottles for free.


Designated first aid stations integrated strategically throughout the festival site with emergency medical response teams on hand. At each first aid station, there will be medical staff comprising an ER doctor, nurses and certified paramedics.

Our close partnerships with local health and safety authorities ensure that there is optimum coordination amongst the first aid staff members, in order to swiftly deal with any emergencies or general care scenarios that may arise.

Festival Guide Eia Hawai'i Festival