Honolulu, HI, September 7, 2019 – Earlier this summer, Eia Hawaii Fund and Nascent Vek announced the launch of an exciting new festival they will be putting together in the Aloha state, the Eia Hawai’i Festival . Their joint initiative will take place in Honolulu and aims to help raise $4 million over year years for various educational, cultural, environmental and art programs in Hawaii.

Tickets for the event will go on pre-sale in early January 2020, however, Hawaii residents have the option to reserve tickets for free before pre-sale tickets open to the public. Vendors and performers are encouraged to take part in the historic event that will help to fund impactful programs in Hawaii. 

Registration to get involved in the festival can be found online for both vendors and performers.

Eia Hawai’i Festival launches the official website for their 2020 festival Eia Hawai'i Festival

Eia Hawaii Fund and Nascent Vek decided on this festival because they wanted to create a celebratory event that would honor the rich culture, heritage and tradition of the state. Their goal was to do so by promoting the historic and alluring landmarks of the land and helping to endorse local entertainers of Hawaii.

The festival will feature top music and entertainment with professional talent and amateur acts chosen by festival attendees. The audience will be in complete control of what they want to hear. With an online voting and casting experience, attendees have the authority to see which performers are in the running and can look through and cast their votes on who they hope to see perform at the event.   

During the three-day festival, guests will be able to immerse themselves in the variety of fun, family-friendly activities to celebrate the traditions and culture in Hawaii including:

Saturday will feature a family-friendly 4-hour long concert with some of the biggest names in Hawaiian entertainment and to top off the evening, a grand finale fireworks show.

To close out the event, there will be another concert with a more traditional vibe and a special surprise to conclude the first annual 2020 Eia Hawaii Festival.

For more information about the festival, please visit their official website at https://eiahawaiifestival.com/.

To find out more about Eai Hawaii Fund, please visit https://eia-hawaii.org.


Eia Hawaii Fund aims to be the premier funding resource for programs actively engaged in the preservation and elevation of Hawaiian ecology, culture, and society. Built on a foundation of trust in the unique and inherent value of Hawai‘i, from our world-famous natural wonders and landscapes to our vibrant culture, steeped in history and ritual, We have a holistic vision of what it means for Hawai‘i to thrive.
For more information contact us at press@eia-hawaii.org or on +1 (808) 445 9166.

Nascent Vek operates closely with its affiliates and international network, to provide a vertically-integrated consultancy to the business/corporate, hospitality, leisure, and tourism development industries. Our Executive team has over 80 years of cumulative experience within the Hotel, Resort, Theme Parks, Tourism Development, Finance, HR/Management and Marketing industries; ranging from some of the largest industry players.
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